Increasing awareness, access, and opportunities to move more at USC


  1. Increase awareness, knowledge, and benefits of physical activity through educational opportunities and promotion of physical activity resources on and off campus
  2. Increase engagement and access to traditional and non-traditional physical activity resources
  3. Provide environmental support towards creating a movement culture through enhancements in the physical “built” environment, office and classrooms, and peer support mechanisms



The USC WorkWell Center is pleased to share programs and resources to help USC faculty and staff move more throughout the day. Whether you are working remotely or on-site, we encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities to improve your health & well-being and contribute to a culture of movement at USC!

WalkUSC Walk Leaders

If you’re looking to improve your health, get outside, and connect with colleagues across campus, consider volunteering to become a volunteer Walk Leader!


Robbin Howard
Associate Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy,
USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy

Shannon Plosser
Assistant Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy
USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy