Mission: Accomplished

USC’s commitment to well-being took center stage this past fall, as 475 faculty and staff “agents” across 120 teams chose to accept our Mission: Possible challenge – proving that healthy habits are possible. Over six weeks, teams participated in six well-being challenges that ranged from physical activity to sustainable practices. 

Congratulations on the below collective accomplishments: 

  • Mission 1: Physical Activity – Teams logged 143,730 minutes of physical activity for an average of about 300 minutes per person in one week! 
  • Mission 2: Happiness Habits –Teams completed 4,738 happiness habits, such as spreading kindness through charity work, playing board games with friends, and sending gratitude notes to colleagues. 
  • Mission 3: Nutrition Boost – Teams logged a total of 10,494 cups of fruits and vegetables for an average of 22 cups per person in one week. That’s a lot of fruits and vegetables! 
  • Mission 4: Sustainable Practices – Teams completed 4,336 eco-friendly practices, such as drinking from reusable water bottles and incorporating a plant-based diet. 
  • Mission 5: Digital Detox – Promoting a healthy screen-life balance, teams logged a total of 10,272 30-minute “no screen time” sessions during their free time. 
  • Mission 6: Financial Wellness – Teams logged 1,135 financial wellness activities, including money-saving strategies such as preparing meals at home, cancelling unused subscriptions, and completing their Vitality health assessment to save on health insurance. 

The success of Mission: Possible is thanks to the faculty and staff who committed themselves to these well-being practices, some of whom shared the following comments after the challenge: 

This was a lot of fun and a great way to include remote employees in a USC activity. Kudos to the staff who created the videos, portal, and challenges.

Thank you for putting on an inclusive activity that was not just fitness-based like a steps challenge. It is important for everyone to feel included, and this activity achieved it while also incorporating an element of competition.” 

“Each week, I was excited about the mission at hand and loved the opportunity to connect and engage with my colleagues…can’t wait to see what comes up for the next USC Wellness challenge!” 

If you participated, let us know what you thought about the challenge as well through this link.  

We encourage you all to continue incorporating wellness habits into your daily lives, contributing to a healthier, happier USC for all.