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What It Is

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) professional staff provide one-on-one support and guidance by sharing expertise and feedback in workplace behavior and relationships. Consultations can help better understand personalities, communication, emotions, values, and thinking styles that may affect an employee’s organizational performance. 

Workplace consultations are one-on-one, open, and confidential discussions with our professional staff to support managing teams facing challenges, address concerns about employees, learn how to refer someone to the WorkWell Center, make an inquiry about our services, set up assessments with leaders, set up talks or trainings, hold assessments of workplace consults, and have formal and informal referral conversations with HR or managers.

How It Helps

If you are a leader or manager whose staff present behavioral challenges, conflicts, or performance issues that are increasingly unmanageable and negatively impact the workplace or your department has been affected by change or tragedy, you can benefit from a professional consultation. One-on-one consultations can provide guidance in the following areas:

  • Addressing concerns about an employee’s work performance.
  • Discussing formal or informal referrals to WorkWell counseling services for employees.
  • Emotional outbursts, arguments, or conflicts between co-workers.
  • Signs or suspicion of substance abuse.
  • Allegations of any form of harassment.
  • Supporting a department or unit after a critical incident that impacts the workplace with services such as trauma debriefing, group grief/loss help, lay-off support, response to violence or accidents in the workplace, and responding to disaster and crisis events such as natural disasters, active shooters, suicide, and deaths on campus.

Who It’s For

Offered to USC leaders, managers, and supervisors, consulting helps develop constructive approaches to solving problems and/or assist in referring an employee to the EAP.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Please reach out to us through our Contact Us page. Consultations are currently conducted through Zoom or phone.