Fight On and walk on with WalkUSC

USC WorkWell Center launches WalkUSC

Launched in June 2023 by the USCWorkWell Center’s Healthy Campus MoveWell Subcommittee, WalkUSC is a program that offers on-campus and remote walks led by volunteer faculty and staff. The ongoing program provides an opportunity to move more during the workday while facilitating social connections with colleagues.

The walks last between 15 and 30 minutes and take place throughout the University Park Campus, Health Sciences Campus, Keck School of Medicine Alhambra Campus, and remotely via Zoom.

To date, more than 350 faculty and staff have signed up as participants, and 74 have signed up as volunteer Walk Leaders.

“The joy of movement makes my day brighter, and it is a wonderful way to connect with others.”

Cindy Mendoza, Office of SVP-HREC

“This is exactly how we change our culture. You and your team put together the larger game plan/program for our community, and then all of us help implement it. So happy to see this happening here, so will definitely support!”

Karin Saric, USC Norris Medical Library

“Thank you and your team for putting this together, it’s also nice to connect with new faces. I feel like I have a strong connection with the Trojan family because of these walks.”

Lizette Chavez, Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry

“I had a wonderful time today and enjoyed seeing new parts of the campus! Thank you very much!”


“Ever since I started walking with the group, aside from the physical benefits, it has helped me become more social and I have been able to meet new people. This makes me feel good; its nice to meet new people!”


Thank you to all our Walk Leaders!

University Park Campus Walk Leaders

  • Adolfo Dela Rosa
  • Angie Kim
  • Angie Walker
  • Anna Quyen Nguyen
  • Carolina Carrillo
  • Cindy Mendoza
  • Ever Hernandez
  • Kierstyn Salinas
  • Lily Ledesma
  • Linda Bazilian
  • Linda Truong
  • Lisette Juarez
  • Lizette Chavez
  • Lorena Duran
  • Mario Diaz
  • Michelle Che
  • Mike Katz
  • Monique Garcia
  • Naomi Martinez
  • Nicole Benevento
  • Sam Graves
  • Scott Teves
  • Sharon Owen
  • Xerxes Commissariat

Health Sciences Campus Walk Leaders

  • Anthony Wallace
  • Heather Pupecki
  • Jackie Mardirossian
  • Jill Henley
  • Karin Saric
  • Khem Ballaho
  • Leslie Jones
  • Maribel Lugo
  • Maritza Montalvo
  • Marlene Truong
  • Melissa Lopez

Health Sciences Campus – Soto Walk Leaders

  • George Martinez
  • Howard Hu
  • Luz Moncayo
  • Monique Franklin
  • Ralph Wipfli
  • Reyna Macias
  • Trista Beard

Alhambra Walk Leaders

  • Chona Pineda
  • Daniel Hanna
  • Francisco Silva
  • James Rossie
  • LaDonna Baszile-Clark

Remote Walk Leaders

  • Angie Young
  • Azadeh Ahmadieh
  • Linda Bazilian
  • Sharon Owen

Congratulations to all participants that achieved milestone walks!

10 Walks

  • Aizza A.
  • Alex B.
  • Allison B.
  • Angelica G.
  • Christine K.
  • Elizabeth G.
  • Elizza S.
  • Ellen D.
  • Eltiwanda
  • Esther C.
  • Heather M.
  • Iris N.
  • Jasmine Y.
  • Ken M.
  • Keyla R.
  • Liana
  • Marilyn A.
  • Mary C.
  • Maryam M.
  • Mike K.
  • Mingzi
  • Najmieh T.
  • Namoi M.
  • Robert V.
  • Sandra W.
  • Suzan G.

20 Walks

  • Afshin A.
  • Blake P.
  • Chantal D.
  • Diandra B.
  • Esther B.
  • Heather P.
  • Scott L.
  • Vivien L.

30 Walks

  • Alma H.
  • Anabelle A.
  • Angelica S.
  • Barbara H.
  • Brandon
  • Carla B.
  • Chantal D.
  • Cindy A.
  • Cristable
  • Cynthia E.
  • Daniel H.
  • Diana R.
  • Dina P.
  • Felicia F.
  • Gigi S.
  • Helga S.
  • James R.
  • Jonathan H.
  • Kristin F.
  • Lois N.
  • Mario D.
  • Maritza M.
  • Marlene T.
  • Michael
  • Raquel B.
  • Silvia B.
  • Susana B.
  • Susana C.
  • Trista B.
  • Vivian S.
  • Milena A.
  • LeeAnn
  • Sandra
  • Brandon
  • Chantal
  • Matthew
  • Allison
  • Carolina C.
  • Adolfo R.
  • Xerxes C.
  • Cindy M.
  • Sonia P.

Join WalkUSC

WalkUSC is for people of all fitness levels and abilities. To participate, visit the WalkUSC webpage.