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LiveWell, WorkWell Newsletter

Every quarter, we’ll provide details on programs, resources, and services available to USC benefits-eligible faculty, staff, post-docs, and retirees to help you thrive in all areas of work-life wellness.

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The USC WorkWell Center is pleased to share programs and resources to help USC faculty and staff move more throughout the day.

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LifeWorks for USC

LifeWorks is an online and app-based well-being platform that offers digital resources designed to help boost your well-being at no cost. LifeWorks also offers confidential counseling.

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Overview of Services

A one-page, printable version of all the services available through the WorkWell Center for benefits-eligible faculty and staff.

EatWell Cooking Videos and Recipes

Learn how to make easy, nutritious recipes with EatWell. Check out the recipe library with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts designed for busy professionals.

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Volunteer Opportunities

The Healthy Campus Social Connection and Belonging Subcommittee compiled a list of volunteer opportunities for USC faculty and staff. Whether you are in the L.A. area or remote, volunteering is a great way to enhance social connection and get involved in your community.